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Idaho FMLA

All provisions of the Federal Family Medical Leave Act apply to employees in the state of Idaho except for:

  • Employees of work sites employing less than 50 employees in a 75-mile radius of its headquarters.
  • The limitation on the reinstatement of the highest-paid employees.

Parental Leave:

State employees disabled by pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions are considered temporarily disabled for the purpose of sick leave, however employees who are pregnant are allowed to work for as long as they are physically able (and may return to work when their physician certifies that they are physically capable of performing their job duties).

Maternity leave preceding or following a period of temporary disability of this type is normally leave without pay, however employees may use accrued vacation time or any other compensatory time off.

All Other Reasons for Leave:

  • Family Sick Leave – Employees in Idaho are allowed to use accrued sick days "in cases of actual illness, disability or other medical and health reasons necessitating the employer's absence from work, or in situations where the employee's personal attendance is required or desired because of serious illness, disability, or death and funeral in the family."
    • "Family" includes spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, or any relationship granted upon marriage.
  • Bone Marrow, Organ Donor Leave – Full-time employees are granted five work days of leave with pay in order to donate bone marrow or 30 days of leave with pay to donate an organ (written verification is required). Paid leave is limited to one-time bone marrow and one-time organ donor leave per employee..
  • Other Medical Leave – Laws also allow for up to two hours of leave for each personal or family member medical, dental or optical examination or treatment; this time won't be charged to an employee's sick leave..

Return-to-work Forms:

Employees are required to provide return-to-work release forms if, due to the job and nature of the health condition at issue, light-duty work or other accommodations are requested, or if the agency reasonably requires assurance that the individual's return to work will not pose a significant risk to the employer or his/her coworkers.

FMLA laws in Idaho

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